How Time Travel Works in Science Fiction

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How time travel works in science fiction:

Chart of various methods of time travel.

Source All about our solar system, outer space and exploration.

I left this comment on the original website. But what do you think?


I’m not sure if Superman went back in time because he flew faster than the speed of light; I understood that it was because by flying quickly around the world, he got the direction of the Earth’s rotation to reverse, and thereby time went backwards. (Admittedly, if time was going backwards, then it would also look like the Earth was spinning backwards). Indeed, he restores the normal flow of time by flying around the world again but in the normal direction. So it seems that it’s his flight direction and not flight speed which brings about time travel.

Also, doesn’t high velocity result in time dilation, effectively meaning that Superman has aged less than those on the Earth? That means that he’s effectively travelling into the future.

Anyway. Who am I to question the laws of physics when it comes to Superman!

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