Movie Musing: Swings and Roundabouts (and a Guitar)

Richard goes back in time to convince his younger self to learn how to play the guitar. Then he’ll surely get all the babes, right? Hang tight – he gets more than he bargained for!

A Single Life

A Single Life (a short time travel animation)

“A Single Life” is a short animation where time is bi-directional on a single time-line. “You might think your life is never ending” – but only for as long as the duration of your life.

Clock Anti-Clock (Paragravity)

Clock Anti-Clock – a time travel short movie

How does time flow in Clock Anti-Clock? Is there personal time, is it a matter of perception of time, or does time actually flow backwards?

Echo Back - the Action Cut

Action Cut: Echo Back – The Time Travel Virus

The Echo Back Action Cut shows the physical strain of time traveller Vance’s fight with the authorities, and his frustration that he needs to repeatedly go through this fiasco. He learns and becomes wiser – but they don’t.

Echo back - the time travel virus header image. Time travel is contracted.

Film: Echo Back – The Time Travel Virus

Echo Back – The Time Travel Virus (William Rosenthal and Tristram Geary) is an action Sci-Fi film about how the world would react if time travel was a virus. Does biological time travel have a head start on us?

Re-Do: A time travel comedy sitcom.

Re-Do is a TV comedy sitcom about friends, beer, and time travel. Josh is a bit of a loser and downloads a time travel app so he can back in time and re-do his past mistakes. But there are spanners in the works. Interested in seeing more?