Time travel 101

Time travel is a fascinating realm within modern science and in science fiction. One day, as with many other fields which were once confined only to pages of fiction, time travel will make its way into the practical world. Or will it…?

Time travel basics 101

Here I hope to provide a qualitative introduction to time travel – the basics of time travel for the beginner, the layperson and perhaps an aspiring author.

Time travel 101 addresses the common questions associated with time travel such as “what is time travel?”, “is time travel really possible?” and “what are the methods and mechanics behind time travel?” as well as looking at the ideas behind some of the terminology often encountered in time travel – worm holes, light cones, time dilation, time travel paradoxes, to name just a few.

Time travel is an emerging field within modern science (although the idea of time travel is very old!), so many great ideas relating to time travel can be found in science fiction. Don’t be surprised if you read something which sounds fictional…many of the greatest scientific discoveries started as fiction!

And please!..will somebody hurry up and invent a working time machine!!

Time Please!

Time is a sweet yet strange thing. It’s invisible, yet its passage can be seen and felt. Some people have too much time on their hands, but it can easily slip through your fingers and you may find that you never have enough. More time please…

What is time travel?

There is a natural progression in the fourth dimension of time from past, through present, and into the future which occurs at a rate of one second per second. But can the passage rate of change of time be altered? This is time travel: to…

Is time travel impossible?

The idea that we can travel in time should make sense. We can travel in space from one co-ordinate to another so a similar thing should be possible with time. Or is time travel impossible…?

Time travel…so how do I do it?

Time travel has not yet been realised, but there are many methods proposed, both scientifically and in fiction, in which travelling through time can be achieved. So how do I build my time machine?

Time travel terminology

Terminology associated with time travel can be confusing. These pages clear things up!

Time travel in fiction

One could argue that as to date no working time machine exists then all talk of time travel falls under the category of “fiction”. But is this true?

Time travel bits ‘n’ bobs

Miscellaneous time travel articles not covered in other sections.