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I landed on Earth half a century ago and have been unable to escape the planet ever since without my wife’s permission or my imagination.

Arriving as a wet, screaming bundle of joy in 1970’s London, I morphed into human adulthood as an ocean scientist, spending much of my existence in the Netherlands – a country nearly as famous as Atlantis for lying largely below sea level.

I love science fiction and science fact, and writing about the places where they meet for games night. Writing makes me think about the great “What if?” whilst hiding safely behind my imagination.

Naturally I’m a time travel enthusiast! Besides my short stories I write for time2timetravel.com as Paul Wandason. As a father of two growing daughters, I’m eager to avoid the grandfather paradox and have no intention of annoying any of my future grandchildren. If I had any free time I’d probably fill it by looking at the stars and other wonders of the universe. And if I had a time machine I’d probably hide it from my grandchildren.

I’d like to ascend beyond the realm of the Dad Joke almost as much as my daughters would like me to, so I’m dipping my toes into the sea of humorous writing, hoping fervently there are no sharks circling to nibble my little piggies. I wouldn’t mind meeting a mermaid though.


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