Time marches on with football

A few nights ago I had the TV on and was watching a UK satirical quiz program. The question master this week was Gary Lineker, ex footballer and present sports commentator.

I’m not a sports fan, but I know his name, and would recognise his face. He’s been on a few commercials for crisps, and that’s admittedly how I recognise him. Except those commercials ran from 1995 – when his hair was still dark brown. Now, over 21 years later, his hair is grey, he’s grown a beard, and his voice is older.

The quiz program I was watching is based on UK news and politics. Having emigrated some 7 years ago I’m quite out of touch (and date) with many of the developments, so coupled with this old quizmaster I was feeling very much out of both my time and country.

When the program ended I came round to watching a chat show hosted by Clare Baldwin. Yep – she was another sports commentator, but now hosting a chat show. I was quite surprised because she looked younger than I remembered her. Maybe make-up and hair-do’s and things, I don’t know, but I suppose that’s besides the point.

The point being that she was interviewing Glen Hoddle who I remember as a footballer, but who is now apparently a football manager or something. Well, he certainly looked too old to be a professional player.

I got round to thinking back to my youth when he sang a song with a fellow footballer (someone Waddle). Yes, the Hoddle and Waddle duo. Sounds like a joke, but from memory their song wasn’t too bad. I went over to youtube as a portal to memory lane.

Let’s ignore Steve Wright’s stupid comment at the end of the clip. But here we have a younger version of Glen Hoddle looking a little awkward literally out of his field, singing a decent song.

And yet, there’s a certain haunting feel to it. The march of time.


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