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Time2timetravel is a time travel blog dedicated to everything related to time and time travel and a website with the basics of time travel for beginners.

Here you will find faqs, thought experiments, infographics links to other articles and reviews of time travel movies and books. I also post on the blog my timely thoughts (some rational, others not!) on the subject of time and time travel – perhaps one day they might into something useful!

time2timetravel- a time travel blog

Time2timetravel hopes to answer some of the most common questions that arise when thinking about time travel such as… is time travel possible, how can we time travel, and what is time travel anyway? I’ve also included a bits’n’bobs section with miscellaneous articles such as time travel terminology, famous quotations, and more.

Information on the Basics of time travel can be found on the time travel 101 pages on the top menu.

Time travel is a mysterious and fascinating subject. Whether it’s really possible, or whether it exists only in our imagination and in science fiction books and movies, who knows? This time travel blog doesn’t have all the answers to all the questions…but it’s nice to think about them!

From the perspective of the future I thank you for reading, and encourage you to check back every now and then to see more time travel blog posts!

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Important: time2timetravel.com and the time2timetravel facebook page have nothing whatsoever to do with the disgusting tumblr site of the same name.

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