Book Swap at Utrecht Train Station

With the relaxing of the Corona society rules the Dutch trains are slowly refilling with passengers, and that means increasing footfall at Utrecht Central train station, in particular, by the book swap stand.

That’s the statistical view which notes an increase in probability in someone picking up the copy of Jennifer Macaire’s A Crown in Time which I left there a couple of weeks back – and indeed, it’s now gone!

I’m curious to know who this reader is! A historical fiction fan? A time travel fan?

I spotted Michael Crichton’s Timeline in its place. I’ve already read it and seen the movie – both excellent. I wonder whether the book was swapped by our “Crown in Time” reader – or is there another time travel fan out there?

Time Line (Michael Crichton) now at the Utrecht train station book swap stand
A Crown in Time / Time Line. Historical fiction / time travel. The choice is yours!

Whilst A Crown in Time was placed on the book swap to share the love, I’ve given books away that I don’t like. Was Time Line placed out of love or hate? Are there time travel fans in Utrecht?

I’d love to know!


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