Re-Do: A time travel comedy sitcom.

A time travel sitcom at last! (Or so I hope…)

Re-Do is a TV comedy sitcom about “…friends, beer, and time travel.” Josh is a bit of a loser and downloads a time travel app. Obviously he needs to do this whilst taking a dump because when you’re caught short what else is there to do, right? The app takes him back 15 minutes so he’s got the chance to…wait for it…re-do things and make better his past mistakes.

Re-do time travel app.
Beginnings: Re-do time travel app.

There are 3 spanners in the works. Two are his friends, Terry and Chris. The third spanner is when the phone with the app gets broken but the re-do app stays in play…albeit in a random and unpredictable manner. Josh zooms back and forth in time by minutes or by days.

And has only beer and friends to help him out.

Re-Do is written and directed by David Rorie. David’s worked on a ton of projects including work with Budweiser, so he’s well versed for writing a sitcom with beer featuring as a major keyword.

I’d like to say that Re-Do is coming soon, but who knows what “soon” means when it comes to with time travel? David is seeking funding for a further 9 episodes, and after seeing the pilot episode I’d love to see them take flight. You can support him on his indiegogo page and check out the Re-Do facebook page.

But enough talk. Talk is cheap; production isn’t!

But this is what you want to see…with his permission David’s let me embed the first pilot episode below. It’s only 12 minutes long so it’s hardly going to make a dent in your time wallet.

And yes. I did do a search on Google Play for time travel apps. And no. RE-Do wasn’t listed 🙁


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