An exciting future with Time Travel Nexus

The start of the new year is traditionally the moment when we make resolutions and take on new projects, and it’s looking like I’m going to be involved in an exciting new future with a grand one!

I recently came across which is setting out to be a focal point for time travel enthusiasts who can use this site as a resource or information centre.

As the founder, Craig Richardson describes, there are many time travel sites out there – several defunct – but each take on different roles and fill different voids in the time travel world. What appears to be missing is a central calling station, as such. And this is where the time travel nexus will find its niche.

This is an enormous undertaking, and responding to Craig’s call for contributors I have very gladly offered some of my own time – and Craig has accepted! Woo hoo! 🙂

Another kind of distance: A time travel podcast has described my enrolment as being sucked into a temporal vortex which I think I’m quite happy about! 🙂 (and of course I’m happy to have found this time travel podcast too!)

So lucky you – you’ll get to read from me on at least two time travel blogs!


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