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I thought I’d do an “up and coming” kind of a post so you know what to expect in the not-too-distant future!

Author interview

Nathan Van Coops
Nathan Van Coops

After my recent review of The Day After Never author Nathan Van Coops has indicated that he’d like an author interview. I’ve got some good questions lined up for him so I’m looking forward to seeing his responses! I’ve read all 3 of his books in the “Time Like These” series. He incorporates some brilliant sci fi ideas, and his time travel methodology is superb. It’s laid out best in Book 2 (The Chronothon) which shows some real application of time travel; Book 3 is – well, Read my review! 😉

Nathan’s just finished a draft of his fourth novel, so in times like these he’s due for some busy times with edits and other authory things. We’ll just need to be patient for his answers…

Guest post

Last month I was very happy to receive a guest post from author Roy Huff about Time Travel Tropes. And now I’m also very excited about another upcoming guest post, this time from Gregory Taylor.

Time & Tied by Gregory Taylor

Greg has a degree in maths with a major in computer science and a minor in music, and whilst we’re still in discussion regarding the nature of his post, it’s looking like it may be a look into time travel concepts.

Greg has a huge interest in time travel and has has a serial story (“Time and Tied”) where teenagers discover a time machine. Whilst we’re waiting for his article, why not take a look at his website or facebook page which explains more about it.

(Aside: Let’s connect!)

I’m always happy to connect with other time travel enthusiasts, so if you’d like to write a guest post for time2timetravel then please do drop me a line as I’d love to hear from you! Likewise, if there’s a feature that you’d like to see then please let me know!

Book reviews

The Guttersnipes by Scott Eric Barrett

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to read The Guttersnipes by Scott Eric Barrett to my eldest daughter. The Guttersnipes involves a stolen dinosaur and a time trek to 1850’s New York. My daughter’s first question, before we even opened the pages, was “Why didn’t the dinosaur just use his horns to stop being kidnapped?”.

She’s not really old enough to be in the YA target audience so it took us 20 minutes to do just 2 pages a couple of nights ago. She asks a lot of questions, but I take that as a good sign! The problem though, isn’t the continual question asking (or my (in)ability to answer them). It’s that last night she asked for more crap from Roald Dahl’s “The BFG” – the irritatingly linguistically and grammatically challenged big friendly giant.

By necessity I translate from arguably the original Yoda-speak to English. And get rid of all these nonsense made up words that Dahl loves to inject into his stories. (There are enough of those in Dutch! 😉 ) I’m sick of it, and I want to get back to The Guttersnipes which (admittedly after only 2 pages…) has a smooth and gentle writing style!

Trespass by Mikey Campling

At my own reading pace I’m halfway through Mikey Campling’s Tresspass. Now this is turning out to be an interesting one! I’m not sure if time travel is yet to make a distinct ‘appearance’ but there are lots of linkages across time, and besides…I’m enjoying it!

Stand by for my review, and like Scott, Mikey has also indicated that he’d be interested in an interview! 🙂

A riddle to close

Last night I watched the Hobbit (Part 1) which I suppose is loosely based on the book of the same name by J. R. R. Tolkien. In the movie Gollum poses a riddle to the hobbit Bilbo Baggins. If Bilbo cannot solve the riddle then Gollum stands to win the coveted prize of eating Bilbo. I have no such prize to offer you, but can you solve Gollum’s riddle?

This thing all things devours;
Birds, beasts, trees, flowers;
Gnaws iron, bites steel;
Grinds hard stones to meal;
Slays king, ruins town,
And beats mountain down.


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