Time lines

One of the arguments used against the possibility of time travel is that there are no firm or proven solutions given the problems of paradoxes.

In this post I postulate against one of the commonly used get-out-clauses for the grandfather paradox…multiple time lines. Actually, the same holds true for multiple universes too.

time branches

The creation of a new time line / universe is often used to avoid paradoxes. The chap who goes back in time to kill his grandfather creates an additional time line or universe – one where he doesn’t exist as he’s killed his grandfather. The original still exists were he went back in time. So we have two time lines or universes, each containing mass and energy, and information relating to its present and past.

This is where I have a problem…where does all that extra mass come from, or the energy to organise it? What defines how and when a new time line is going to branch out, to subdivide, or even as I read in The Paradox War (CJ Moselely) rejoin?

One suggested solution lies in quantum mechanics where quantum particles can exist simultaneously in two states – such as Schrodinger postulated with his unfortunate cat. (Schrodinger’s curiosity likely killed it).

There is a line of thought where these quantum particles can also co-exist in 2 times – and hence allow, somehow, the continuance of a co-existing time line.

Cats, bunnies and rabbits.
Image credit: A Che

But let’s take the cat which has a finite mass. Now even if the continuance of one time line should stop to allow a second (or third, or more) time line to continue, then that cat must share it’s mass between these time lines. It needs to split, or to subdivide…so that the cat effectively permeates through all time lines is a catty multiplication.

Nine lives of a cat spread now run simultaneously over 9 time lines.

I just don’t buy it. Besides – perhaps we should be using rabbits as examples of self-multipliers. They’re rather famous for it.

A stitch in time saves nine cats from curiosity.


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