Time for work

In My Own Time: Messages from a misplaced time traveller

Time for work

My Friends,

It may come as a surprise to you that most time liners spend more time at work earning enough to support their lives outside work, than actually living their life. Strangely, the return is lower; most people work for longer than they enjoy time outside work. People feel better at 3 pm on a Friday afternoon when they are looking forward to the weekend, but much of the weekend is actually spent in melancholy with the prospect of going back to work on Monday.

For most, work entails spending time at an establishment conducting an activity where another places a monetary value upon it. These activities are wide ranging in scope, and cover many aspects of societal convention. In some cases, monetary value assigned to the job is realtively straight forward. For example, the building of a house, or the installation of an internal heating system. In the organisation in which I work (I should stress here – I ‘work’ only to blend with my fellow time-liners), we provide data to those who may care to ask for it, and I receive money which I can then exchange for other goods or services offered by other workers.

It is very self circular, though the circle is far from either circular or complete, clearly seen by the high presence of poverty – the lack of money.

In other cases, some work bears very little transparency to the amount of monies which are received by conducting this work. Take for example a childminder who looks after the offspring whilst its parents are working for the purpose of receiving money to pay for the childminder. More circular argumentation, and I am reminded of the whirls of vorticity which reduce from kinetic energy to kinematic viscosity until in the end they are nothing.

The wage received by a child minder per unit of time is considerably less than that of a cleaner who, though performing an admirable task, endures a lesser degree of responsibility than their child caring counterpart. Is cleaning a function then, to which all are drawn? The movement of unwanted physical entities from one spatial co-ordinate to another? It seems not, as there are other jobs where the salary is so high that it seems unrelated to the task, and in cases such as these the precise nature of the task itself remains elusive to me.

When things become clearer on the purpose of this peculiar activity of work, I will of course let you know of my findings.

I send my greetings from 09.2012,