The Early Worm Gets Eaten

saving daylight

How are we all doing on the first work day of Summer Time?

For me, it’s not going well 🙁

When I woke up this Monday morning my first thought was: the last time it was this bright outside I was pleased it was getting brighter in the morning. Now it’s darker than it was this time last week so it seems like a seasonal step back of a few weeks rather than a step forward of an hour.

Actually my first thought when my alarm clock went off was – in family friendly language – “You’re kidding me!”. I slept late last night. Well, by name only. I went to bed at the right time (according to the clock) but fell asleep at the usual Earth time. So I’ve slept less and I feel it 🙁

Is daylight saving "Koality" time?
Nice and snuggly! But is daylight saving “Koality” time?

My family were feeling it too; my daughters were still asleep in bed and on waking were wondering what on (or around) Earth was going on. And I was in no state to tell them. I left that job to my wife who was already up and running about opening curtains (I don’t know why; it was dark outside) and switching on lights.

“Rise and shine! Early bird catches the worm!”

More like the early worm gets eaten.

And it seems that my train got eaten as well. My 07:41 was cancelled so the Dutch train company offered me the chance to take the 07:41 instead (yes, you read that right…) and get to my destination 13 minutes later.

daylight saving train

Or their option 2, wait for 15 minutes and arrive only 3 minutes later.

I took the second option because even though the 07:41 ended up being delayed by a minute, I was delayed by 2 minutes thanks to sub-freezing early morning temperatures and losing the will to pedal any faster through it. I arrived at the station late, but in time to observe with dismay the realisation of the inverse correlation between the train’s distance to the platform and my distance to it.

On the positive side though, the designated silent carriage was for once, actually silent. Everyone was sleeping! 😉 OK, admittedly someone was crunching a breakfast bar (no time to have breakfast at home) and someone else was either snoring or nose-whistling.

sunblinds to save us from daylight saving?
Does “daylight saving” mean grabbing hold of daylight and tucking it away so no-one sees it?

At work my desk is by the window. Now the sun is higher up than ‘usual’ so it’s blindsiding me. Sun blinds don’t live up to their name. The sun refuses to go behind a building or a cloud. It’s day light saving time. And the day needs sun.

But I still can’t help thinking that “daylight saving time” is just a fancier way of saying we like sunshine – then putting sunglasses on…

So I ask again, is this all an April’s Fool joke? Can we put the clocks back to normal at midday? Sadly I suspect that I have to wait another 6 months before this madness will end.

Yep, it’s been a difficult day – but at least it will end an hour early! 🙂


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