A Taste of Yesterday Today

Can we taste yesterday?

Apparently I’ve been sitting on a time machine! Yesterday is easily within today’s reach!

Several novels have shown that when we don’t treat time with respect we can end up in a sticky mess. Perhaps it is fitting then, that Golden Syrup can allegedly take us back to yesterday!

Enjoy a little of taste of yesterday today. How?
“Enjoy a little of taste of yesterday today.” Great – but how?

I must admit that I have a natural tendency to distrust salesmen and their far-fetched advertising slogans and jargon. However, in this case I’m not so cynical on empirical grounds and I wonder if there may be an element of truth in the time travelling capabilities of Golden Syrup.

When I saw the text on the tin my mind was indeed taken back to the day before when my wife bought it. (This is a happy moment; Golden Syrup isn’t available in Holland as it is in the UK!). And that was yesterday! A double whammy trip back to two yesterdays!

Another thing caught my eye:

sweetness from the strong
Out of the strong came forth sweetness (Judges 14:14)

Isn’t it strange to include a Biblical reference? (It’s from Judges 14.14). According to wikipedia the reason may be linked to Abram Lyle’s Christian faith, with the strength referring either to the strength of the Lyle company, or even of the tin itself; the sweetness is so obvious I’m not going to insult your intelligence.

Smelling sweet?
A rose by any other name (Image source: https://www.phrases.org.uk/)

Company or tin really makes no difference – and if I can paraphrase Shakespeare’s Juliet, I’m sure the Golden Syrup tastes just as sweet wherever or whatever it comes out of!

But it got me thinking about the idea that God exists outside of time. If we can accept an existence in other (spiritual) dimensions, surely it would be a simple step to accept roaming around in the fourth (as H.G. Wells calls it)?

This article summarises that although the Bible doesn’t explicitly mention time travel, it doesn’t say that time travel is impossible.

It’s rather similar in nature to Dr Cox’s opinion on the possibility of time travel:

“Saying that the laws of physics as we know them permit travel into the past is the same as saying that, to paraphrase Bertrand Russell, they permit a teapot to be in orbit around Venus. It’s possible, but not likely. (Source)”

So who’s to know whether time travel is possible? Shakespeare’s Hamlet suggests that human knowledge is limited:

“There are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

If he’s right and time travel is possible, we need to make sure we treat it with respect. Otherwise we’ll end up in a sticky mess!


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