Author Interview: Sherrie Cronin (46.Ascending)

I love Sherrie’s powerful writing style and how she melds many concepts from many fields into her 46.Ascending series of unique novels! Here’s our interview!

Book cover from d4 by Sherrie Cronin. Ariel sees the future.

Review: d4 by Sherrie Cronin

d4 by Sherrie Cronin is an action novel for intellectuals! It has a gripping plot which incorporates a fully thought out phenomenon of seeing into the future, as well as addressing the philosophical question of what to do with that knowledge.

Header image for z2 by Sherrie Cronin

Review: z2 by Sherrie Cronin

z2 by Sherrie Cronin is a delightful science fiction novel with a delicate undertone of time manipulation running right through it. A multitude of story lines and characters blend together beautifully to create a 5 star novel with inter-related characters with depth and a poetic conclusion to top it all off!