Angelica's Time Machine Review

Review: Angelica’s Time Machine (Julian Bradbrook)

I’m not entirely sure for whom this novel is written or what the overall plot is – but it does make me think about the flexibility of the time line.

Wobbly light rays and their parallels with the time line.

About time for a reflection

Is there a future with optic fibers and warped mirrors as time machines? Or are these just some random thoughts from the reflection of a wrinkly old man day dreaming in front of a mirror?

Beyond The Time Machine

The open ending in “The Time Machine” lends itself well to a sequel. Baxter’s atrocity of a sequel is “The Time Ships” which has somehow got itself registered as the authorised sequel, but far superior is “Epilogue: Time Machine Chronicles” by Jaime Batista.

Journey or destination

Some time travel novels focus more on the journey to another time, and how it’s done, than the destination itself. Other novels focus only on the “when” and pretty much ignore the time *travel* element. Which kind of novel works best?