Time Split Briggs written by Patricia Smith and reviewed by Paul Wandason

Review: Time Split – Briggs (Patricia Smith)

Patricia’s powerful writing in “Time Split – Briggs” brings us multiple time lines thanks to a time machine / teleporter backed up with experimental development from the first novel (“Time Split”). Be prepared for some blood and gore with the evil Briggs!

Patricia Smith author interview

Author interview: Patricia Smith (Time Split)

Patricia Smith is currently busy with her sequel to her time travel novel, Time Split. As well as time travel, Patricia’s written novels in other areas of science fiction – and the end of the world!

Time Split by Patricia Smith

Review: Time Split by Patricia Smith

Time Split by Patricia Smith is a beautifully succinct time travel novella which works on one time line. An alternate present arises when the past changes, and the main character seeks to go back in time again to rectify the trouble he’s caused. Naturally, there are complications…