Author interview with Scott Eric Barrett

Author Interview: Scott Eric Barrett (The Guttersnipes)

Scott Eric Barrett has published more than fifty articles for various newspapers, history magazines, and educational publications -and the author of time travel novel “The Guttersnipes”. how did he manage it?

Interview with Les Lynam (Time Will Tell)

Author Interview: Les Lynam (Time Will Tell)

In this author interview Les Lynam tells us how he reacts when his mother in law sums up his first time travel novel as “weird”. I didn’t think so – what did Les make of it?

Patricia Smith author interview

Author interview: Patricia Smith (Time Split)

Patricia Smith is currently busy with her sequel to her time travel novel, Time Split. As well as time travel, Patricia’s written novels in other areas of science fiction – and the end of the world!

Interview with CR Downing (Chuck)

Author interview: CR Downing (Traveler’s HOT L)

CR Downing (Chuck) has a brilliant time travel mechanism in “The Traveler’s HOT L” where personal time lines are described as threads which are woven together to form a fabric of time. In this interview Chuck gives us more insights into his reasoning.

Between Two Evils Book covers

Author Interview: D.L.Orton (Crossing in Time)

One of the many features which sets “Crossing in Time” up on its pedestal is how it draws on the author’s immense knowledge of science fiction. CIT has a feast of juicy time travel ideas, scientific concepts and gadgetry; Deb clearly knows her stuff!

The author swirling up the time travel waters is Stewart Bint

Author interview: Stewart Bint (Timeshaft)

The author swirling up the time travel waters is Stewart Bint, and in this interview Stewart fills us in on a few more details behind the time travel mechanics and the characters in Timeshaft and his thoughts for the future.

Author Interview: Sherrie Cronin (46.Ascending)

I love Sherrie’s powerful writing style and how she melds many concepts from many fields into her 46.Ascending series of unique novels! Here’s our interview!