Rucksack: “The day a date with best to be possible”

muddled time line

Generally I don’t use really use facebook, but this morning I saw some strange text on a girl’s rucksack and I thought I’d post a picture and make a comment about it.

Muddled reading time line on rucksack
Difficult shot

Do you have any idea how awkward it is to take a photo of a rucksack (obviously from the back) without making it look like you’re a crazy guy taking a picture of someone’s arse? Naturally a second girl behind me noticed my struggle and confronted me about it.

2nd girl: (something unintelligible in Dutch)
It probably meant: Why are you taking pictures of that girl?

Me: Sorry, do you speak English?

2nd girl: Yes. Why are you taking pictures of that girl?

Me: It’s not the girl, it’s the rucksack. The text is odd so I wanted to take a picture of it for my time travel blog.

2nd girl: You know about time travel?

Me: Not really, but I read about it.

2nd girl: Do you have a time machine then?

Me: Of course not!

2nd girl: You’re crazy.

And then she left.

By this time, rucksack girl was no longer in sight so I didn’t have a chance to try for a better shot of the text. (You could argue that as commuters the chances are high that I’ll see her again tomorrow – but I’m happy to close this episode now!).

Anyway, here’s the best I have:

rucksack with muddled time line
“The day a date with best to be possible “

Is it the words or our (reading) time line that’s all muddled up?

Now admittedly my comment isn’t mind blowing or out of this world, but after all the effort I took to put it into context, I don’t think I should have been called crazy!


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  1. Paul, I did a Google Image search on those words, and discovered some hidden lettering that makes (slightly) more sense. I suspect the idea is to get people staring and commenting on the message. But we time travel aficionados taking an interest are at an understandable disadvantage…

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