Time Travel: People Finally "Catch Up" With Machines

This is a guest post from “Entangled in Time”

Time Travel: People Finally “Catch Up” With Machines

Time travel is not just about theory and science fiction stories anymore. It has been “out there” for at least 60 years and there are several “smoking guns”, indicative of people actually time traveling! The evidence can be seen in such things as the modern aircraft on temple carvings at Abydos and Karnak in Egypt and even includes one that looks like a Blackhawk helicopter (slightly modded, probably because of Heisenberg); as well as other “out of place” objects. There is also evidence that has come out of Courtney Brown’s Farsight Institute, not to mention the whistleblower testimony of people like Andy Basagio and others.

So what about people? If there are people time traveling out there via machine, does that mean that people might also be able to time travel “on foot”? Every once in a while the thought crosses someone’s mind about being able to time travel through thought or intention. People already time travel in the astral or dream state, but what about physical time travel in the waking state? Enter “quantum jumping”.

So what is “quantum jumping” and what does it have to do with time travel?

Quantum jumping

Quantum jumping is sometimes also referred to as quantum time travel, reality shifting, altering reality, or even “jumping the time lines”. Contrary to any “New Age woo woo” you might have heard, quantum jumping is a real phenomena that people experience that may involve things like objects mysteriously appearing and disappearing, changing forms or places; and sometimes accompanied by temporal distortions such as retrocausality (events out of sequence), time appearing to pass more quickly or slowly, and even downright “jumps” in time, usually in the order of a few minutes. Sometimes the temporal distortions occur by themselves, indicating that this is most likely a “temporal phenomenon”.

These phenomena have been experienced literally by hundreds of people, who have gone public – calling into radio shows, providing material for books, blogging, and sometimes even posting videos to YouTube. If you’ve ever had one of these experiences, pat yourself on the back. You’ve been time traveling!

So what do I think might be going on here? 100 or more years ago, people began to experience phenomena like telekinesis, electrokinesis, pyrokinesis and others. At the time, they were all baffled and it was a mystery. Today, people are developing these skills via specific methods and posting legitimate videos on YouTube demonstrating their accomplishments! I believe quantum jumping is now, where these other abilities were 100 years ago, and that we are in the beginning stages of being able to time travel through intention. All we have to do is learn how to do it. Humans are developing much more rapidly now, than they were before; so I suspect it will be a lot less than 100 years before people really master these time traveling skills to the level that psionic abilities like telekinesis etc…are now.

I state on my website that there are currently at least 10 different “machine type” time travel technologies being developed out there by researchers in labs and others. Some of those people may be “strolling by this website” and reading this blog post as they develop one or more of those machine technologies. If you happen to be one of those people, I only have one thing to say: Watch out for pedestrians!

quantum jumping

The author, “Entangled in Time”, is the founder of the the Quantum Time Travel Institute, the world’s first school of human powered time travel.

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