Palindrome Day

palindrome comic

Happy palindromic Sunday!

Today is 2nd February 2020, or 02022020 – a number which reads the same forwards and backwards. (If “sounding like” was an option as well as “reading” we could include all numbers spoken in Dutch!)

Such a number, sequence of characters, phrases, block of text or even a comic is a “palindrome”, and on this note I’d like to redirect you to a short story of the same name I found on Daily Science Fiction by W. Sean Arthur.

As a teaser, I’ll leave you with the author story comments:

Context is everything. This story owes a lot to Hofstadter’s wonderful and mind-bending “Godel, Escher, Bach,” which sparked the idea behind it–can a story be the same forward and backward, and still move? The answer is: yes. Or no. Depends on the context. – W. Sean Arthur.

For added fun, I suggest reading it at 02:20 or 20:02 🙂

(Header Image credit: jake.tran42)


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