Morphing time at the train station

I was late leaving work, and although I was pedalling to the train station as fast as I could, I wasn’t going to get there on time. Sadly I was still 10 minutes away when my train was at the platform; it wasn’t going to wait for me, and it pulled away on its hour journey to my home town without me.

rectangular bottom imprints

Shattered and exhausted from all that extra hard cycling (in vain), I locked my bike and made my way on wobbly legs to the cold metal bench in the station waiting room. I had 20 minutes to kill before the next train, which of course morphed into 50 minutes because the next train was cancelled.

So I’m sitting here with aching legs, a bottom with tiny rectangular imprints on it, a stomach that’s rumbling, a heart which is beating louder than a rowdy nightclub and a head with teeth clenched in frustration with the thought that my 10 minutes cost me, in real time, an hour.

If the train turns up on platform 1 on time, I’ll be getting onto it when I should be getting off.


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  1. Train stations are “Nexus Points”, where time distortions are likely to occur, but whether it works for or against you, depends on your attitude. You said it yourself. “I wasn’t going to get there on time. Sadly I was still 10 minutes away when my train was at the platform; ”

    Contrast that with what happened to ME… I too was 10 minutes late getting to a train station. The trains ran at 7:10 and 7:30 and I got there at 7:20, (at 7:15 I was on a bus headed into the station). Suddenly I looked up and the pair of clocks at the station BOTH had moved 10 minutes BACK. (The clocks were about 2-3 minutes out of sync). I thought to myself… if I REALLY have gone 10 min back in time, then the the 7:10 train should be arriving now. No sooner had I thought that, than sure enough – there was the 7:10 train! I still did not make it to my appointment on time, but it cut 20 min off my trip. It was THIS experience in part that motivated me to seek out, how I could teach this to others. Physicists have recently confirmed that the observer not only AFFECTS reality, but actually CREATES it. My thoughts were not on the fact I was late, but rather a DESIRE to get there on time. This is why Law of Attraction is a KEY element in time travel and altering reality. Attitude is EVERYTHING!

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