Lessons in time travel anyone?

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Learn to Time Travel (video transcript)

Time travel is HERE! There is absolutely NOTHING in the laws of physics that impedes time travel in either direction and as a matter of fact, at this moment in human history there are no less than ten different time travel technologies, being developed by organizations and researchers in labs, including NASA’s “Alcubierre Drive”. This does not any individuals working out of their own home. Simultaneously, over the last 200 years or so personal human development has progressed to the point where psychic and psionic abilities such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, aerokinesis and others; have gone from mere curiosities to being taught as formal systems of instruction. There are now several schools that teach them, and YouTube is filled with legitimate videos of people demonstrating these skills. We feel it’s time to “take it to the next level”.

Over the last few years, has developed what is known as the “quantum paradigm” and variations of the Many World’s Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, along with a “Global Awakening” of consciousness and a far greater awareness of what is known as the “Law of Attraction” or the concept that thoughts do indeed “become things”. Through the study of quantum theory, along with different models of what is known as “holographic universe theory” we are learning that “reality” is not all it’s “cracked up” to be, and that it is in FACT far easier to make seemingly impossible changes to one’s “reality”, by the power of one’s consciousness; than previously thought. All of these things taken in combination have allowed us to develop a methodology for teaching people the basics of time traveling without the use of machines!

We don’t want you to harbor any illusions that by taking one of our courses you will be able to time travel to a timeline where you are the pharoah of Egypt or travel to the future thousands of years, because this is only the dawn of the human time travel experience. On the other hand things like transforming a small object to your liking or warping time for a few minutes because you are late to an appointment are QUITE doable!

We believe the future shows great promise for humans to advance naturally, without the use of pills, injections, genetic engineering OR machines! Once humans get accustomed to time traveling on their own, we expect that humans will develop even MORE advanced abilities; including teleportation, quantum tunneling, transmutation and direct materialization. We envision a far future where we are able to time travel “great distances” – far greater than any machine technology could POSSIBLY take us! They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Come walk with us!

The author is the founder of the the Quantum Time Travel Institute, the world’s first school of human powered time travel.

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