Interesting links

I wanted to list some interesting links in the world of time travel. This is not simply a reciprocal shout, but a genuine expression of interest for sites and pages which I think are well worth a visit!

The list of course is by no means complete, or compiled in any kind of rank order. Happy clicking and reading! 🙂

Time travel groups and forums

  • The Good Reads Time Travel Group is a friendly forum with discussion over many areas related to time travel as well as its feature in books and movies.
  • The Time Travel Institute discusses “the hows and whys of time travel”.
  • Time travel blogs and websites

  • The Time Travel Nexus is a new and exciting project undertaken by Craig Richardson – to provide a common place which provides information and resources for time travel enthusiasts. It’s still early in its development, but content is growing and I know there are some truly great plans for this site! (And I should add that completely unrelated to my last comment, I’m thrilled that Craig has asked me to be part of his team to regularly provide some time travel articles for the TTNexus!)
  • Mihir has some insightful articles on the nature of time on his new site at Theory of Space Time.
  • Just Killing Time is a time travel blog written by the late and very great moderator of the Good Reads Time Travel Group John Lindenberger. In John’s own words, Just Killing Time deals mostly with his passion for all things related to time travel.
  • Andy’s Anachronisms is an excellent resource for reviews of books, movies and other media involving time travel.
  • Time travel for beginners is now officially in hibernation, but contains a brilliant series of articles written by John Gribbin.
  • Time travel philosophy is a fantastic time travel website with articles covering time travel and philosophy. They also have a facebook page here.
  • The Quantum Time Travel Institute brings together advanced psionics, the “quantum paradigm” and the Law of Attraction, to offer the worlds’s first practical courses in human powered time travel (Time travel through intention). The site is still new and in development, but already has some fascinating pages which explore many aspects of practical time travel.
  • T=Time is one of the best time travel blogs out there with graphics, video clips, articles and more…all related to time travel. Sadly discontinued 🙁
  • Time travel pages

  • Paradoxes in time travel is an excellent resource for understanding many of the paradoxes associated with time travel. C. J. Moseley has written a trilogy called “Paradox War” where these time travel paradoxes come into play.
  • Eternalism is the idea that past, present and future co-exist and happen at the same time. Alisa has some fascinating thoughts and ideas on eternalism in preparation for her time travel novel called Breathing Ghosts.
  • Lifevine’s blog has a wonderful page linking Christianity with time travel.
  • Hope you find these interesting too!