Happy Ambigram Day!

Ambigram 12022021

A year and 10 days ago I wished you all a Happy Palindrome Day on 2nd February 2020 (02 02 2020) – the numbers read the same forwards as they do backwards. This particular date also works whether we use the English or the American ordering of the month and date.


Today, I extend my palindromic wishes to you again, and extend them with wishes for a Happy Ambigram Day!

12th February 2021 (12 02 2021)

(I grew up in England! 😉 )

Where this palindromic date doesn’t work in the US, it does have an added feature – it reads the same when you turn the numbers upside down – an ambigram . (So it reads the same in Australia too! 😉 )

Maybe we’ve matured since the days of typing 5318008 on a calculator during school time and turning it upside down.


It strikes me that February has been a key month for palindromic and ambigramic dates. It stands out from the rest of the months by having 28 days (usually) instead of the more usual 30 or 31 (hence that weird line in the “30 days hath September poem”), and as I’ve just alluded to, it’s the place holder for the leap day.

A short, but special month.

I’ve noted that the Netherlands has an issue with April and June. I’d suggest that the Dutch will do well to leave February alone!

A Time for Everything

Sadly I’ve missed the slot to post this at 12:02 or 20:21, but maybe somewhere on one of the Earth’s lines of longitude the time will be perfect for the ambigram.

Edit: Aha! Just spotted it! By pure chance I was in time for 22:22 (in Amsterdam)! 🙂

How will you spend your ambigram day? Maybe all days are in some way ambigramic. We start them asleep and finish asleep, maybe rolling over in bed from our backs to our front and then back again? Maybe even turning upside down too!

However you spent ambigram day, have a great one! (Hmm, if single digits are included, “1” is an ambigram “2”…)


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