Football, biotechnology and time travel.

Biotechnology and time travel

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I started drafting this post back in the summer when the women’s world cup football was on. In one sense I’m late in finishing it, but then again, I’d like to think that the message behind this post is timeless. So what’s a few months between us time travel fans?! 😉

T2TT HQ: Planning Time

It started with a question.

Wifey: “What are you doing tonight?”

Me: “I’m going to watch the football in half an hour.”

My wife, like me, is an introvert. We like to think and plan things out. And I dare say that we’re pretty good with time. (Ahem, other than an occasional blog post which might be a couple of months late…)

In short, there’s no excuse for my wife’s following action – she switched on the TV, searched for “missed TV programs” and settled in to some cookery program. It was an hour show.

Because the show was in the past, our TV company won’t let us fast forward through the adverts. And here in the Netherlands I’m talking about hideous unwelcome breaks of 15 minutes every 10 to 15 minutes. You can see how shows which should be half an hour fluff out to an hour…

In other words, I was going to miss the first half hour of the live football match.

You can call me negative or cynical, but I knew that something like this was going to happen. You may also call me an introvert and a good planner – so I’d set the match to record so I could watch it later.


The following day I was wiser in the kitchen, but most importantly I was ready for my football match and I clicked PLAY.

Cheering late 'during' live TV
Does cheering during a football match make any difference? How about if you’re a day late? (Image credit:

As I outlined in my movie musings over at time travel nexus I cheered, commiserated and swore at the referee at the appropriate times. It struck me that I was hoping for a goal that by now had already happened. Or not. In short, I was living as though my will alone was enough to change history.

Actually, it turned out that history wasn’t changed, but made – we won! 🙂

Seize the day – don’t pause it!

(Postponing it is fine..!)

Watching the match ‘live’ a day late didn’t have any real consequence, other than knowing that I wasn’t standing alongside (in time) with my fellow supporters. But the feeling was real. So much so, in fact, that I still waited for half-time before going to the kitchen to whip up a nice snack for myself, even though I could have just hit the pause button.

But life isn’t like the “Click” movie with Adam Sandler where we choose to pause, rewind or forward wind through life’s events. It seems to me that that any moment can be brought to now and we live in it.

Time Travel and Biotechnology

Indeed, mental forms of time travel have graced time travel literature – The Space Between Thought (William M. Dean) and The Mindtraveler (Bonnie Rozanski) immediately spring to mind. Personally I like this time travel methodology, perhaps because I can identify with it most. And whilst I have great confidence in technological advances, I think I have more in biology which by its nature is ‘designed’ to adapt. I’ll refer to the X-Men here!

Technology is born through thought – a biological process. But given disease and natural biological limitation it seems contradictory, or even illogical, that when biology fails us we turn back to technology. Think of prosthetics, bionics etc., so perhaps it’s a natural conclusion that time travel might most likely be realised through a biotechnological solution?

This needs some further thought, but my biological thought process is currently limited thanks to an empty stomach! I’m going to head over to the kitchen and use microwave technology to make some popcorn.

And if I’m lucky, there may be a football match on TV to watch whilst I’m eating it!


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