Direction on direction

I can’t help wondering if our perspective on direction – including time’s arrow and direction of the flow of time – needs a little readjustment.

In this post I commented how we often tend to think primarily in the spatial direction before the temporal field. My daughter already tries to turn that on it’s head, and at times thinks Outside the Temporal Box.

Here’s another a conversation I had with her a few nights ago when I was reading her a bed time story. Whilst not technically related to time travel it’s perhaps an initial start to getting thinking more openly about direction:

Daughter: “Daddy, you’re reading backwards!”

Me: “No I’m not! I’m reading forwards – see?”

I fan the pages in a visual effort to explain.

Daughter: “But that’s the back over there.”

She’s pointing to the back of the book – the part where invariably in stories for 4 year old girls the princess lives happily ever after.

Me: “Yes, this is the front [pointing], and this is the back. So I’m reading in this direction.”

Daughter: “That’s what I’m saying, Daddy. You’re reading backwards to the end!”

As always, she has a point!


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