Dating for Geeks

I found this cartoon in a Dutch newspaper (“Spits”) on the train this morning (click to enlarge). Dating for Geeks…with an ounce of time travel! 🙂

Dating for Geeks

And the loose translation into English is:

– What would you like most if you were like Marty McFly in Back to the Future?

– A time machine? A hover board? Shoes that tie their own laces?
– Hmm, no…

– I would like to choose something that in real life I would never get…
– What’s that then?

– A girlfriend.

Actually, it’s not that funny is it? I’m feeling sorry for him…

Then again, it seems as though the hover board and the self tying shoes might soon become a reality…so there’s hope yet for our geeky friend! 🙂

Hoverboard as in Back to the Future II set to become a reality!

self tying shoes


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