The future, today

Children want the future today.

Despite her desire to watch a cookery program at an inopportune time my wife claims to have an aversion to the flat screen. So when my daughters wanted to watch a particular program on TV that they’d missed the previous week there was plenty of eye rolling.

Being a good and supportive husband, I stepped in.

Children our are future
Missing TV program. Image credit: foresightalliance.

“It’s over and done.” I said. “We’ve missed it, we just need to catch it next time.”

“No Daddy, you can search for it!”

Really? My 7 year old daughter showed me how. (This is a sign of my progress along my own personal time line, although note from my previous post that my wife already knew this!)

We (i.e. my daughter) found it – except that the search results showed only the upcoming episodes and not those which had been missed.

Wild gesticulations. “I want to see that one, Daddy!”

“We can’t see that one yet, it’s tomorrow.”

“But Dad!” she says, trying her best not to show signs of her impatience, “Just click on it and press forward wind.”

The young are our future and it’s fun and educational being with them. I’m sure it won’t be long until they’re teaching us how to operate the controls of the family time machine!


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