Boxing Time

Muhammad Ali

It seems that children have their own sense of timing and perception of the sequence of events. And there are times when I’d rather not disagree.

“The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.” – Albert Einstein

Seemingly my youngest daughter disagreed with Einstein, but it was me she came to see with her boxing gloves on. Actually, I mean she came at me because she first gave me a good thump in the stomach, and then asked whether I could help her take the gloves off as she needed to go to the bathroom.

The gloves are held on with velcro pads which couldn’t be gripped with tiny fingers wrapped in 6 ounces of padded boxing gloves (apparently ounces are the unit of measure for boxing gloves…)

I was already bending down after the tummy-whack so I was at her level, and I peeled back the velcro to free her hand.

“Dad, you can just pull them off!”

“I’ll remember next time.”

“But you should have done it now!” She wasn’t smiling any more.

“Well, I didn’t know…”

“Daddy. I just told you!” Her look is one that would have flatted Muhammad Ali.

I wasn’t going to argue. I was on my knees, and she was standing on the stairs towering above me. Still with one boxing glove on. Her other fist was unprotected – or more accurately, I was unprotected.

Sometimes, I figured, it’s OK to play with the sequence of events in a linear time-line! I pulled off her remaining glove which gave me a 50% victory and ran for cover as she ran into the bathroom.


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