Bed time

When I look back to my time at primary school, I never really enjoyed it. I remember that it finished at 3:30 pm and I couldn’t wait to go home. I used to watch the clock, not necessarily knowing how to read it, but knowing where the hands needed to be to signify that the teacher was going to allow me to go back home where I could do what I wanted and when I wanted.

After a while I realised other school ‘inmates’ felt the same way, and we devised a plan: during the lunch break we set the clock to read 3:30 and pointed it out to the teacher so that she was fooled into thinking it was home time.

We couldn’t time travel; so given the inability to travel through time we tried getting time to move.

Somehow this super intelligent ruse didn’t work 🙁

Much more recently my daughter tried a similar trick but from the other side. We’d arranged that one of her friends was going to come over for a play date at 11:00 am. She could hardly wait and was brimming with excitement, her eyes alternating between the door and the clock to see when the big hand was going to point straight up and signify the arrival of her friend.

“Daddy, can you just move the big hand so it’s eleven o’clock and my friend will come?”

I could move the hand up, but sadly her friend didn’t show until the appointed time which is when, of course, chaos reigned supreme in the Time2timetavel HQ. My little girl had lots of fun though, and for her time passed quickly.

The day ended up being a long one for me though, and the sprog finally went home (her mum turned up late to pick her up *growl*). We had our family dinner and bedtime approached, 7:00 pm. I let my daughters know and we made our way upstairs.

I got round to thinking that whereas 7 pm is effectively an arbitrary time for bed, 3:30 pm or 11:00 am were absolute times for specific events – no matter what the clock said, the event will happen at it’s pre-appointed time (notice I missed out “sprog collection”…).

I wish I could say the same about the girls’ bed time. Do I make the decision when bed time is? Or Time?

Come to think of it, I think it’s my daughters – who make sure it’s usually closer to 8 pm!


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