Author Interviews and Movie Musings

Time travel author interviews

You might have noticed a recent spat of time travel author interviews published retrospectively (retrospective isn’t an issue for a time travel enthusiast! 😉 ). They were originally written and published as guest posts for timetravelnexus, a website that invited time travel fans to write about various aspects of time travel. There was some great stuff there!

As you might have spotted from the tense, timetravelnexus is now discontinued – and this means the posts have evaporated. Thankfully I had some backup copies of my own posts, so I republished them here and I hope you enjoy getting to know those authors a little, and perhaps feel motivated to read their work!

(Re)Introducing Movie Musings

I also wrote a few posts about short time travel movies where I think out loud about the movie clip and ponder – as we all should – about the time travel questions that arise.

I’ll republish them here soon, and naturally I’m interested in what you think of the movies too, so be sure to drop your comments underneath!


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